feature film

genre: comedy/drama
budget: $350k
status: Fundraising - investment opportunty available
written by: Chris Taylor and Jeremy Berg
directed by: Jeremy Berg
production Co: Adventus Films and The October People

logline: A young woman's penchant for defiance returns as she struggles to lose her former self in the trenches of the Army's Military Police.


King Of Caduceus
feature film

genre: dark drama
budget: undetermined (under $25k)
status: Script in development
written and directed by: Chris Taylor
production Co: Adventus Films
staring: Rick Walters

logline: A scrupulous, black market pharmacist puts his life and thriving business in peril when he rejects his violent competitors’ demand to subscribe to cheaper yet riskier market trends, all while trying to avoid prosecution by the DEA.

Maritime West
feature film

genre: mystery/drama
budget: $65k
status: On hold - 1st draft writtern
written by: Chris Taylor
directed by: no director attached
production Co: Adventus Films

story: MARITIME WEST follows London-born Rona as she's about to reunite with her husband, a U.S. Marine and combat vet, when he is instead found dead in his London hotel room. Not content with the supposed "bar-fight turned bad" explanation from local authorities, Rona searches for answers, unearthing the wicked truths of post-war military culture and the tragic reality behind post-traumatic stress in our country's service members.

feature film

genre: crime thriller
budget: $300k - $600k
status: In development and revisions - investment opportunty available
written by: Chris Taylor
directed by: no director attached
production Co: Adventus Films and Compulsion Films

logline: A jaded, news cameraman working the graveyard shift must pry into a metro police conspiracy when his drug-addicted brother goes missing the day after his prison release.


Mother Goose
television series

genre: crime drama
budget: undetermined
status: script in revisions
written by: Rose Hall
directed by: no director attached
production Co: Adventus Films

logline: When a pregnant woman is implicated in a violent crime, she’s forced to examine where she truly belongs: the safe world of her detective husband or as the heir to her family’s criminal birthright.

feature film

genre: sci-fi
budget: $100K+
status: Script complete - sought through outside production company
written & directed by: Rose Hall
production Co: undisclosed

story: Set in 2027, an isolated man and woman living a life of tedium finally discover that their existence isn't at all what it seems. Desperate to reclaim who they once were, the couple pursues the meaning of their stagnant reality while questioning the moral dilemma behind this new brand of science that put them there.


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