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Video Gallery

"Mama" | Headwaves
Multi-Platinum Package

"Calling Me Home" | Jessica Lynne
Diamond Package

"Who Is The World..." | The Refusers
Diamond Package

"...Let You Down" | Local Strangers
Multi-Platinum package

"Misery" | Atomic Outlaws
Multi-Platinum Package

"The Price" | West Valley Highway
Multi-Platinum Package

"...Apocalypse" | The Insurgence
Gold Package

"Leaning On Barstow" | Sammy Steele
Platinum Package

"K Street Killers" | The Insurgence
Gold Package

"Barstool...Night" | Jones & Fischer Band
Diamond Package

"I'll Be That" | City Faire
Silver Package

"Call Of The Wolf" | Pink Wolf
Gold Package

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Live Package
  • Film a live song or set-up your own intimate audience at a small venue (see example)
  • Dual-cam or roaming single-cam; existing stage lighting
  • Band or Artist only
  • Price is for one track - add on additional tracks for $195 each.

$595 00
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Basic Package
  • 1/2 shooting day (5 hours max) and 1 location (provided or referred by you)
  • Thorough camera coverage, using existing light and a 2-man crew
  • 1 performance with sync-track
  • Band or Artist only

$995 00
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"Unplugged" Package
  • 1/2 shooting day (5 hours max) and 1 location (provided or referred by you)
  • Multi-cam, cinematic coverage with extensive lighting
  • 3-5 run throughs of song performed live
  • Band or Artist only

$1595 00
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Comprehensive Package
  • 1 full shooting day and 1 - 2 locations
  • Lowest-cost option that allows for talent/actors (actor fee not included; see below)
  • 1 performance location with sync-track and actor narrative coverage
  • Includes pre-production and an outline/script for narrative portion

$2250 00
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High-End Package
  • 1.5 shooting days with 1 - 3 locations that require complex setups (extras, multiple actors, etc)
  • Allows for a narrative with talent/actors (actor fee not included, see below)
  • Multiple performance locations with sync-track and actor narrative coverage
  • Includes pre-production and an outline/script for narrative portion

$3950 00
                       Get Started          
  • For narrative portions where we cast the talent for you
  • Casting male/female options for the band or artist to choose from
  • Includes agency fee (if applicable), wardrobe fee and food
  • Price is per person

$300 00
Additional Run-Time
  • For videos longer than 4 minutes
  • Price is per minute

$195 00                                         

Fundraising Your Music Video
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The Crowdfunding Option

We've been involved with several music videos, short films and startups that have used Kickstarter to raise money for their projects. We've even produced some of their pitch videos at a low cost... with just enough production value to get their point across to their hopeful donors. While certainly not for everybody, it's a valuable and plausible resource for those who don't yet have the capital to self-fund.

Got fans? You're halfway there.
It's not a fail-safe way to raise money but it does boast a fairly high success rate with music in the top 3 of most the successful types of campaigns. Those who make their crowdfunding goals usually have at least a small, pre-existing fan base, a comfort (or at least a feigned comfort) with asking for financial support and the time to spend on social media pushing the campaign out to the masses. While film/video has a lesser success rate at 40% (still not bad) it's probably because it's the most popular project-type that people seek funding for. Also, knowing how much money you need without getting too over-zealous with the campaign amount definitely helps, because with Kickstarter, it's all or nothing! Why is that good? Because your fans would rather donate money to a campaign that assures them results upon its success or their money back if it goes bust. We’ve tried other crowdfunding sites that allow users to keep the money regardless of the campaign’s success but I don't recommend them.

Please take a look at some of the successful projects we've produced on Kickstarter and whether your planned music video budget is big or small, let us know if it's something you're interested in pursuing. While we aren't in the business of securing funds for production, we will certainly post about your campaign, help where and when we can through social media and give you some tips on making yours successful.
We raised $4255 of a $4230 campaign
for our film school short "Goons"
(pitch video produced by Adventus Films)
Nice Protein Bars raised $12,230 of a $12K campaign
(pitch video produced by Adventus Films)
We raised $2231 of an $1800 post-production campaign
for our award-winning short film "A Man, Buried"
(pitch video produced by Adventus Films)