Winter Island



When young Abby Carter goes missing, her once cohesive, doting family begins to diverge. As they search with local authorities, her brother Galen already sees the bleak writing on the wall. It's only a matter of days before police make the gruesome discovery - her shallow grave on a small island a mile out from their lake-front property. Galen, desperate for answers while coming to terms with the trauma, begins experiencing visions of Abby. Against his devout father's wishes, Galen searches for answers that point right back to the location of her grim death. Faced with an evil presence within his own family tree, Galen must decide whether to emotionally depart from his tragic circumstances or endure more suffering in his painful search for the truth held by the mystical island.

Genre: Horror

Status: Pre-Production

Written by: Chris Taylor  

Directed by: Tony Doupé  

Produced by: Chris Taylor, Arthur Rains-McNally, James Dailey, David Harlos and Clark Coffey

Production Co: Adventus Films

Shoot Days: Dec 9-12, 14-17, Jan 2-5, 7-9 (2021/2022)

Locations: North Seattle, Lake Tapps (others TBD)



Tony Doupé

Tony has more than 25 years experience in the industry as an actor, producer and director for film and theater. He's acted along side the likes of Thomas Hayden Church, Toni Collette, Ray Liotta and Aubrey Plaza to name a few. He's taught, directed and coached actors both privately and at the college level in Seattle and Hollywood for nearly 15 years.

Writer & Cinematographer

Chris Taylor

Formerly a Marine Corps photographer, Chris worked as a gaffer on several productions before shooting and editing full time with Adventus Films, working on several award-winning films and producing three feature films to date under his producton company's banner, including Marla and The Last Laugh, released in 2019 and 2020.


Clark Coffey

Receiving a degree in business and starting his career in marketing, Clark soon turned to his first passion: acting and filmmaking. Since 2008, he's lived in L.A. and the surround area while writing, producing, and directing film and commercial video.

Production Designer  

Cassie Taylor

Cassie is a BIPOC, LGBTQ+ content producer who pushes pixels and slings ink in her 9 to 5. Her short fiction has earned first place in category and honorable mentions in the NYCMidnight short story, micro fiction, and flash fiction contests, Her art appears in Antioch's Lunch Ticket.

Make-Up & FX Artist  

Naomi Mecham-Miller

Loving all things horror, fantasy and science fiction, Naomi attended the Art of Makeup School in Portland, OR and completed two years education at Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

Co-Producer & VFX Artist

James Dailey

James’ passion for storytelling using 3D technology inspires his expertise in visual effects, motion graphics and 3D animation. It has given him a unique perspective on projects like Techno Lust and Tabitha: Witch Of The Order, both projects which James directed.


Arthur Rains-McNally

Arthur co-wrote many scripts that have either won or received finalist placement in myriad of contests, including the PAGE International Screenwriting contest. Arthur's spec pilot script for Tabitha, Witch of the Order was awarded funding assistance from the State of Washington via the Innovation Labs program at Washington Filmworks.

Martingale (2021)

The Last Laugh (2020)
Sold on Amazon

Lemonheads (2020)
Sold on Amazon

Marla Mae (2019)
Sold on Amazon

We have a great track record of producing quality motion pictures but we still need support in certain departments to help bring Winter Island to the screen. In the narrative space, a team certainly isn't complete without the sum of its cast, crew and other partners, to actualize a story like this and we certainly love the idea of building a relationship that could lead to other future projects.

Chris Taylor





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