When black market pharmacist, Robby, is ambushed on what's supposed to be another routine delivery, he goes against his usual pacifist methodology. With a feeling of obligation to his late wife's sick father-in-law and a failed arrangement with a precarious doctor and supplier, he struggles to keep his business going while maintaining what's left of a relationship with his introvertive teenage son. In the midst of finding alternative revenue streams, the backlash from his earlier knee-jerk decision resurfaces, revealing deceptive practices from people closest to him, forcing him to adjust his moral code and further darken the future that once looked bright and lucrative.

Genre: Suspense/Drama

Status: Seeking investors

Production Co: Adventus Films

Budget: Less than $200k

Projected Start Time: Spring 2019

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"Our country's healthcare system has been a big source of public contention for a long time. For those of us who don't require prolonged measures of medical treatment, it's easy to forget that there are some who don't have anyone to take care of them. The idea that hundreds of thousands profit from the sick and unhealthy may sound disturbing at first but without that industry, privately speaking, there's really nothing left. But even those intstitutions will many times fail or deny people seeking assistance and when there's nowhere else to turn, desperation is what we're left with. SENECA is essentially about normal people taking extreme measures and capsizing their morals when despondancy stares them in the face. I was interested in telling a story about an illegal underworld that actually provides a common good in society to those who demand it. But of course, it's not without its collateral damage.

My goal in making this movie is to do it very inexpensively with a small, core group of filmmakers and a couple up-and-coming actors in key roles, all who have the same desire I do to create a great indie narrative in a few weeks time. The biggest challenge is to streamline the cinematic techniques I've learned over the years and rigorously choose what to cover in a very condensed period of time while using heightened story-telling methods that supersede traditional and costly Hollywood movie production practices.

As the sole, tech guru on the Reel Camp Seattle team, a company that provided soup-to-nuts clips for actors' reels in a fast-paced, trim and efficient shooting environment, I wholly believe this is possible. I recently shot principle photography on a horror feature in three weeks, and a few years ago, shot a sci-fi feature in two. As filmmakers know, production costs directly connect to the amount of time spent on set but the devil is in the details: none of that matters is if its execution misses the mark. That's why I want to si