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Proscar kopen ideal is to keep the same name and a few other changes but to add a few other things, like little extra speed and more stability in corners. So I think it's a good compromise. There's lot of work we can do with it. Q: Will the front wing be moved? SV: The wing is located in middle, so it's the middle. If we moved it, it wouldn't make any sense. We'll see. So that's it? That's it. We need to take the time, but car is strong enough. we'll see. I can't give you any timeline. Let's talk about some of the other stuff that was discussed: the suspension, rear front wing and, obviously, the power unit. steering system is different from the one that was introduced in the past year. How much work has been done on it, especially after your generic adderall pharmacy price first test at Interlagos, where it became obvious that you were struggling a lot? We had a few problems with the steering and it was a bit out of balance, but we corrected it. adjusted the front wing and then we went to the new test, Proscar 5mg $321.55 - $1.19 Per pill which was very good for us. We are now getting good feedback from the team, we had a fantastic testing, have developed lot of things about the car. cars look different, car looks better, we are able to understand the changes we're making as we go. How much did the change to brake system in the last couple of weeks? I can't tell you that. think the brake setup we proscar kopen belgie changed pretty much every day, probably more than two days. So it's a little bit different every day. You have a new gearbox, which obviously had a big impact proscar cost ireland due to the new engine regulations. How much did it change and how do you like the change? We are trying to make it the same as one that we had in 2011, but it's not like that. The gears are just a little different, so the driveability will be a little different. There's still no feeling of the gears in car. But gearbox is better, we are able to get the right gear in car and more importantly, the clutch at right time. I think we have it pretty much in the same place as we had before. There are some other things, like the gearbox has to be shifted in a different way, because with the new rules, we have a smaller gear and now it's very challenging to shift the gearbox in right order every time. There is no doubt for me that the new gearbox is a big improvement. The engine is also new after all and it's different as well, with a bit more turbo and direct injection. How do you guys feel about the new engine? The engine was very good for us but we have been working a lot on the efficiency of engine and we have come up with some ideas. I think we will be able to beat Ferrari this year. That is a very positive comment about the engine. How much are you working on the new car as well? We are working on the new car, and also we are working on the new engine. engineers are working on the new stuff, and it's quite hard to get everything done. We need to have the new rules, we need to work on the car and engine. then in the middle, it's electronics, driveability and everything. There's lots of work to do, and I think that's why we are working with a couple of new guys that I am not sure has experience with Formula One. I think that's what happened. It seems like Toro Rosso has no idea what it is doing. started off with so much promise but now it's going backwards, while Toro Rosso is still pretty strong. Are you frustrated with that situation of your driver team? I am not frustrated, but we are getting more experience. As a team, we have new car, regulations, rules, we're learning. It's normal for me to not understand everything like most people do. I know we need to do more work in the winter, on some things, but in the beginning, we've done a lot of things in couple days. Now we need to do it more and more. We need to work on some stuff, and there are a lot of things in the car so it's not easy.

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Jacob Waluconis: Gaffer
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