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Bupropion hcl 100mg price (1:250), but it does get quite sticky. I would rather stick and squeeze (i.e. not buy) the product without coating, especially that's why i tried it first. am glad i got it because is the only treatment option i have to deal with right now for the pain, and only one that doesn't make me think i should move to the States. My point being, with this new treatment method i really do think the pain should be manageable and not something i would choose to have daily. anon94499 Post 25 I suffer from anxiety that is chronic. I have been on anti-depressants that were very helpful after 20-30 years of trying to manage my mind. Now i am on a new anti-depressant, but i never really had the anxiety to begin with. I do have severe insomnia, especially when it gets really bad. i tried the Naltrexone, noticed very quickly that it made my insomnia go away. However, wife is very worried and has asked me to get on another drug. As an owner of a mental health clinic, you may think this is an easy choice, but i think the fact that you have a mental health issue should make your choice harder. anon94367 Post 24 I have been on these pills for 10 weeks and am so excited. I was told a drug addict. That is so not true, and no excuse to keep giving out my information. I only got the pills for medical reasons, and now, am happy. I feel much better, can sleep, keep the blood pressure up, and have more energy. I am feeling much better and I know can't keep on this forever. Thank you for not drugging me into a stupor from using safe and effective drug. My life is about to change! I feel hopeful for the change. anon94286 Post 23 My mom is taking anti-depressant pills. I'm in the 11th year of her battle wit