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When widower Robby Bowser and his business partner, Kupo, are ambushed on what's supposed to be another routine delivery, he questions the risk involved in his career of choice. With a feeling of obligation to his late wife's sick father-in-law and a failed arrangement with a precarious doctor and supplier, he struggles to keep his business going while maintaining what's left of an awry relationship with his teenage son, Aiden. In the midst of finding alternative revenue streams, the backlash from the delivery ambush resurfaces, revealing deceptive practices from people closest to him, forcing him to adjust his moral code and make a few detrimental decisions.

Star Rick Walters (right) from the sci-fi short The Last © J Walk Entertainment

Project At A Glance
Film Format: Feature Length / Dramatic

Production Budget: TBD

Production Schedule: 9 months - estimated to start in Summer 2017

Shooting Schedule: 2 - 3 weeks


Mission & Filmmaker's Statement
"Our country's healthcare system has been a big source of public contention for a long time. For those of us who don't require prolonged measures of medical treatment, it's easy to forget that there are some who don't have anyone to take care of them. The idea that hundreds of thousands profit from the sick and unhealthy may sound disturbing at first but without that industry, privately speaking, there's really nothing left. But even those intstitutions will many times fail or deny people seeking assistance and when there's nowhere else to turn, desperation is what we're left with. SENECA is essentially about normal people taking extreme measures and capsizing their morals when despondancy stares them in the face. I was interested in telling a story about an illegal underworld that actually provides a common good in society to those who demand it. But of course, it's not without its collateral damage.

My goal in making this movie was to do it on a shoesting with a small, core group of filmmakers and cast a few talented friends in fulfilling key roles, all who had the same desire I did to create a great narrative in a feature-length format. The biggest challenge is to streamline the cinematic techniques I've learned over the years and rigorously choose what to cover in a very condensed period of time while using heightened story-telling methods that supersede traditional and costly Hollywood movie production practices.

As the sole, tech guru on the Reel Camp Seattle team, a company that provides soup-to-nuts clips for actors' reels in a fast-paced, trim and efficient shooting environment, I wholly believe this is possible. I recently shot principle photography on a horror feature in three weeks, and a couple years ago, shot a sci-fi feature in two. As filmmakers know, production costs directly connect to the amount of time spent on set but the devil is in the details: none of that matters is if its execution misses the mark. That's why I want to simplify our production model and leave much of the story-telling up to the actors, locations and overall mise en scéne."

Chris Taylor
writer & director

Star Rick Walters from the television show Grimm © NBC

The Team

co-writer & director
Chris Taylor

Chris began his career as a combat motion photographer shooting documentaries in the U.S. Marine Corps before making his bones as a filmmaker. Chris worked as a gaffer before becoming a full-time cinematographer and editor, photographing several award-winning shorts and features including his first film with Walters, Scamp. His work has screened at Cannes, in Edinburg and several film festials in the U.S.. Chris also won Best Cinematography for his work on the Seattle 48 Hour Project’s Karma Gettin’.

Arthur Rains-McNally

Arthur grew up chasing his dog through acres of sagebrush in the wilds of Eastern Washington. Today, he lives in the metropolis of Seattle. As a filmmaker he spends his nights writing and his weekends blocking and shooting. He has written multiple features and television pilots in addition to a horde of short films. Arthur, along with cowriter Guy Steele, has won many awards for their spec pilot Czar of Detroit— winner Las Vegas Screenplay Contest and finalist of 5 other script writing contests.

Alyona DelaCoeur

Earning her Business Management degree at Western Governors University and a Mathematics degree at Highline College, Aly is also an Animal Behaviorist, certified from the University of WA. Both the face and engineer of the popular Why Does My Dog video training and education website, Aly is no stranger to the nuts and bolts of enlisting talent and managing creatives. A natural entrepreneur and delegate for projects she's involved in, Aly is an ideal asset to have behind the camera.

Rick Walters

Rick is a seasoned stage, film, and television actor with credits including NBC's Grimm, as well as several leading and supporting roles in the Seattle independent film community. He has experience as an acting coach and a mentor for other actors and crew in addition to behind-the-camera roles of writer, director, assistant director, producer and production coordinator.

TJ Walker

TJ’s roots began with books and comic books. After high school TJ tapped further into his creativity and started doing small budget music and video production for local musicians and quickly became popular in his home town by his signature creative music he produced from samples of movies, tv shows and video games. Recently in his career he's created a number of groundbreaking web based productions under Jwalk Entertainment including the multi-award winning series Phoenix Run.


Just a couple trailers from past film Lemonheads and web series Phoenix Run

Budget and Production Plan
In order to leverage the movie's small budget while still pursuing effective marketing and distribution, our plan is to self finance the movie's entire budget, which would carry it all the way through production and most of post-production. With enough footage for a first cut, a trailer and other marketing content, we want to crowd source the remaining budget for film festival distribution, and its remaining marketing campaign. If the film fails to pick up a distributor during its festival exhibition, we'll build in a contingency fund for our own self-distribution. These days, there are resources such as Tugg and Distribber that allow filmmakers to aggregate their movie themselves through places like iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, Wal-Mart, etc. but again that's only as a contingency to ensure we have a revenue stream resulting from our finished movie.

Star Rick Walters from the thriller short Enmity Gauge
© Mighty Tripod Productions

Production: budget TBD

Pre-Production (casting, locations, legal): 2 months

Principal Photography (Seattle area): 2 -3 weeks

Post-Production (editing, sound mixing, score): 6 months

Distribution: budget TBD

Festival Exhibition & Marketing: 9 months

Distribution Negotiation (running concurrently): 6 months

With this schedule, the movie will be finished in 9 months from the time it’s funded and available for distribution negotiation shortly thereafter.

How are we able to keep the budget this low for a feature film?

While most indie features stretch into the 100k's and million dollar ranges, we're able to save a lot of costs considering the relatively untapped Seattle market which we're producing the picture in as well as the in-house labor and equipment we've sourced. This labor includes time spent writing (no script optioning cost), producing, directing, cinematography and a big chunk of post-production with time spent in editing. Also, another huge expense would otherwise include professional camera and lighting equipment,100% of which will be sourced in-house (more than $40,000 in value). At roughly $5k - $7k per week renting at a production facility, we're able to save about 1/3 of our budget not having to pay for gear.

If you'd like to speak with us about casting, crew or investment opportunities, please feel free to contact us. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Chris Taylor



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