"The St. Vincent de Paul video was really great. I'd say it's the best video we've put together at Ocaprio.

Sarah MacKay
Producer at Ocaprio Films


"We really see a lot of Chris Taylor's talent come through when you look at shot selection and lighting. That's a slow process when you're making a film: getting the lighting right. You have to be three and four steps ahead as a director of photography at all times and I think that displays a lot of his talent."

Pat Lavigne's review of the award-winning film "Trauma"
A Movie That Warrants Review Podcast


"...the video looks amazing! I think this video is exactly what we were looking for! We are pumped with the results!"

Chad Smith
The Aqua Run Events Coordinator


"Chris is one of the most thoughtful and skilled film artists I have worked with. I'm always excited to be on a production with him."

Tony Doupé
Seattle Actor (SAG/AFTRA) & Shoreline Community College Film Instructor


"Chris Taylor of Adventus Films, our Director of Photography, blew me away with his ability to change the entire feel of a scene with a single lighting change.  His camera work and eye for lighting brought our trailer to a whole new level."

Rick Tobin
"Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder" writer & producer


"First of all, the cinematography is fantastic, thanks to Chris Taylor of Adventus Films. Nothing like beautiful images to help the creative juices start flowing. Not only is he a heck of a nice guy but he and his crew put in some long hours to ensure we got all the shots we needed."

Catherine Grealish
"Reversal" producer & composer


"Chris is an extremely talented individual. He is grounded, forthright and easy to get along with. I have always appreciated his honesty, commitment to excellence and organization. It goes without saying that I anticipate we will have a long and successful working relationship in the independent film industry."

Tonya Yorke
Seattle Actor & Producer


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