Post-Production Push


After an amazing 20-day shoot on set in Olympia and Tacoma, Washington, with a fantastic cast and crew, our production team is in the midst of post-production to complete the film. While editing itself comes at no cost, there are several things we still wish to achieve, such as a professional sound mix, a great musical score and additional footage, to make the film much better than its current state. We always planned to raise most of this money after the shoot so we had something to show for it (and we certainly do).

some of the cast & crew of Martingale

While only 1/3 of the costs are essential (additional filming costs), the rest will definitely improve the look, sound and quality of the film. Consequently, it will give it a much bigger advantage during its exhibition and increase its chances for success in the marketplace. These costs account for roughly 15% of the overall $130,000 budget. It may have been possible to raise this prior to filming but we believe that it's important to show our new investors (and 95% of them are new) what we can achieve on a modest budget before continuing on to the next phase.

Take a look at the clip below from MARTINGALE!

Please note: this is a rough cut with unfinished sound and music.


We researched the post-production costs necessary to complete the movie we set out to make.


For this leg of production, investors are simply purchasing existing points on the PRODUCER'S equity side of the film, as opposed to traditional investor equity points. They're worth the exact same: 1%, or 1 point, per $2000 purchased ($500 minimum). We've made 10 points available to allow for the entire $20,000 needed for post-production.

In addition to your percentage of revenue share when the film goes to market, you're also entitled to 20% interest. Investor recoupment, including interest, is paid first before anyone else.

You'll receive an investor agreement, similar to the one signed during the primary investment rounds. You can find our SEC filing under MARTINGALE LLC (#0001734583) at the SEC website.

from the film Martingale



Jeremy Berg

A graduate of the Seattle Film Institute, Jeremy is also a successful feature director and DP. A natural-born storyteller, his work includes the lucrative franchise The Invoking and the creature feature Hunting Grounds.

writer, producer & cinematographer

Chris Taylor

Formerly a Marine Corps photographer, Chris worked as a gaffer before shooting and editing full time with Adventus Films, working on several award-winning films including A Man, Buried.

Matt Medisch

Matt's career has spawned 8 films to date, one of which includes a successful 4-movie franchise. One of the few filmmakers around in the indie market whose sole job is producing, Matt has spearheaded The October People's film catalog for the last several years.


Lisa van Dam-Bates

Debuting as a director on the feature Marla Mae, also shot by Chris Taylor, Lisa is often found working in the Art and Special FX Depts - a job she takes immense pride in.

Killing Joke

Marla Mae



Hunting Grounds

The Device

The Invoking

We have a great track record of producing quality motion pictures but we still need your support to help bring MARTINGALE to the screen!

from the film Martingale


If you'd like to speak with us about investing, please contact:

Chris Taylor





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