The story of Martingale follows Andi, a security officer at a tribal casino, still grieving the loss of her teenage daughter two years prior. Not ready to move on, she embezzles from her employer to afford a civil suit against the man, a sex trafficker, who she holds responsible for her daughter’s overdose and untimely death. But when her laptop and all her case files are stolen, Andi hits a wall.

Already strung out from the last couple years, Andi considers resorting to old habits but through a little modern technology, she’s fortuitously able to track her property to an unassuming man on the other side of town. With a hidden agenda in place, she befriends him, realizing certain things that might benefit her cause. As Andi gets potentially closer to finding some solace, her desperation intensifies and shifts - and with it, so do her morals.

Genre: Suspense/Drama

Status: Pre-Production

Written by: Chris Taylor

Directed by: Jeremy Berg

Produced by: Matt Medisch & Lisa van Dam-Bates

Production Co: Adventus Films and The October People

Projected Start Time: Late Apr '19

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Jeremy Berg

A graduate of the Seattle Film Institute, Jeremy is also a successful feature director and DP. A natural-born storyteller, his work includes the lucrative franchise The Invoking and the creature feature Hunting Grounds.

writer, producer & cinematographer

Chris Taylor

Formerly a Marine Corps photographer, Chris worked as a gaffer before shooting and editing full time with Adventus Films, working on several award-winning films including A Man, Buried.

Matt Medisch

Matt's career has spawned 8 films to date, one of which includes a successful 4-movie franchise. One of the few filmmakers around in the indie market whose sole job is producing, Matt has spearheaded The October People's film catalog for the last three years running.


Lisa van Dam-Bates

Debuting as a director on the feature Marla Mae, also shot by Chris Taylor, Lisa is often found working in the Art and Special FX Depts - a job she takes immense pride in.

Killing Joke

Marla Mae



Hunting Grounds

The Device

The Invoking

We have a great track record of producing quality motion pictures but we still need support in certain departmente to help bring Martingale to the screen. In the narrative space, a team certainly isn't complete without the sum of its cast, crew and other partners, to actualize an important story like this and we certainly love the idea of building a relationship that could lead to other future projects.

Martingale test shot


If you'd like to speak with us about helping with production, whether it's part of the cast, crew, locations or anything else, please contact:

Chris Taylor





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